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Missions Report: Navajo and Crosslife

Speaker: Mark Williams
David Anglin
Resources: Listening Guide (Adobe PDF)

Church Planting Panel

Speaker: Pastor Wayne Marshall, moderator
Dr. Wade Humphries
George Ross
David Anglin
Matt Brewer
Series: Global Impact Celebration 2014

Planting a Church at the Gates of Hell (Isaiah 28:14-18; Matthew 16:13-18)

Speaker: David Anglin, CrossLife Church, Johnson City, TN
David Fields, CrossLife Church, Johnson City, TN
Mickey & George
Pastor Wayne Marshall
Passages: Isaiah 28:14-18; Matthew 16:13-18

The Stewardship of the Gospel (1Cor. 4:15; 2Tim. 1:13-2:2)

David Anglin // Standards of Stewardship // 1Cor. 4:15; 2Tim. 1:13-2:2
Click here for Listening Guide in Adobe PDF format
Click here for Martyr’s Oath on the web

The Blessedness of Contentment (Philippians 4:10-13)

David Anglin // Blessed to be a Blessing // Philippians 4:10-13

Click here for Listening Guide in Adobe PDF format

Living Stones (1Peter 2:1-10)

David Anglin // 1Peter 2:1-10

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Summer 2010 Missions Testimonies

Summer 2010 Missions Testimonies during Sunday evening service July 11, 2010 (times indicate start time on track):
Intro: Pastor Wayne Marshall
Camp-of-the Woods Canada (0:33): Jerry Fuqua, Doug Beggs, Don Tullos
Budapest, Hungary (18:51): David Anglin, Marla Richardson, Nicole Johnston, David Burgess, Jason Hardage
GO Missouri (38:51): David Windham, Allison Steelman, Jimmy Johnson, Jordan & Tristan Timoneau, Todd Higgs (53:46)
(not all of Todd Higgs’s testimony was recorded)

The Problem of Life and God (Ecclesiastes 1)

David Anglin // The Search for Meaning // Ecclesiastes 1