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Missions Report: Noblesville

Speaker: Landon Anderson
Pastor Wayne Marshall

Why Care about the Great Commission? (Romans 10:13)

Speaker: Dr. Gordon Fort
Passages: Romans 10:13
Resources: Listening Guide (Adobe PDF)

Takin’ It to the Streets Report

Wendy Johnston // Shelly Fox // Gordon Montgomery // Landon Anderson

Enlarge Your Tent! (Isaiah 54:1-3)

Missions Speaker // Isaiah 53:6-10; 54:1-3; Genesis 29:15

Due to the sensitive nature of what was shared, we regret we cannot make this message available online. We can, however, make this message available to you on CD. Contact Betty Cossey by email at bcossey@longviewheights.org or by phone at 662-895-1900.  You may also request this message by form at the West Events Center on our campus.  Once ordered, CD’s may be picked up the following Sunday at the Information Center on our campus.

Rod and Debi Bond, Missionaries to Ecuador

Rod and Debi Bond // Missionaries to Ecuador // Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 2:42; Acts 8:1-4
Click here for Bond Family Ministries video
Click here for Rod Bond website