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Gospel-Centered Journey (Deut. 8:1-12)

Speaker: Pastor Wayne Marshall
Susan Marshall
Series: Spiritual Lessons from a Special Land
Passages: Deut. 8:1-12

Pastor’s 15-year Anniversary Celebration

Enjoy a listen back to our Pastor’s 15-Year Anniversary Celebration!  Some highlights:

00:00 — Johnny Vess on Pastor Wayne’s History

12:30 — Willard Gargis on the City of Olive Branch’s Proclamation naming June 7 Wayne & Susan Marshall Day

15:02 — Matt Brewer reads email greetings from George and Isaac Ross

20:44 — Jason Marshall shares about his Mom and Dad from Jeremiah 18:1-6

38:55 — Dr. Tom Savage awards Pastor Wayne with a 15-year award for service, leads in staff prayer over Pastor Wayne and Susan, and awards Susan a bouquet of 15 roses

43:57 — Susan Marshall speaks

44:54 — Pastor Wayne speaks